Embra 05

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Poppy's Puppy......... ARRSE T-shirts on tour Embra o5 Singing Broken Slug! The breakfast, run? Self Loading shoes! Embra 05 WNB Deluded old goat cutting about Town...... Side Show Bob!!!!! GG and IdleA, BOTH quiet!!!! Slug and mini-me! Embra 05 3 Embra ARRSErs (guess who) debate an IOM Crawl GillyLady
  1. logical_log
    who is the cute blonde in the blue top ? :D :D
  2. uncle_ho
    Dunno but she is well fit
  3. zemla
    So is the leggy one in the foreground 8O
  4. Trevelez
    The one in the blue top is Sky, blue Sky :thumright: :thumright:
  5. babyblue
    Sky Blue?? I think I am the only Cov City fan there actually :wink: