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2200 sweetie Random Shooting - Strensall 05 beard Is this for real? morter rounds out E.S.W. The Forefarther of the SA80 MG34 Get on this for an SLR! Owen 9mm, The STEN down under! CETME Ameli, The Mini MG42/3 Heard some ***** about these back on telic 1 from an interpreter Type 11 Jap MG, Weird but its magazine hopper is interesting Homie with STEN
  1. Stumpy4154 likes this.
  2. Letterwritingman
    Was it raining?
  3. DrStealth
    biggest peice of fantasist **** i'v seen in a long time
  4. ytomk
    Nah, it's not fantasist. It can take M-16 type mags and you jsut fcuking know that's all they'd give you for it... :twisted:
  5. Cutaway
    Fantasist **** is putting it fecking mildly ! Browno, keep reading Combat & Survival and your imaging manual, but for Chrissakes get a grip of reality you sad cnut. :roll:
  6. Browno
    I uploaded it from a CD i found in a loft i was clearing out, Wouldnt have the arrse to design somthing like that