A very rare sight to see Dutch with bagpipes.<br />
These are presumably from the clan...
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A very rare sight to see Dutch with bagpipes.
These are presumably from the clan McVanGogh ;)
  1. The-Daddy
    I suppose it makes a change from blowing each other!
  2. Kaye
    Cloggie, you're a ******* embarassment! Please PM me on the origin of this pic, I want to embarass some people in the Shocktroops about this one :twisted:
  3. tattybadger
    Don't knock it - the feckin Saudis have pipes too - aaaargh
  4. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    everyone has bagpipes, the jocks didnt invent them, they came from the Middle East Via the Romans, cloggies probably had them before the porridge wogs!