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Dutch troops biting dust in Uruzgan Province Afghanistan

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TLZ Patrol, Bastion CST RPG strike Viking group 2010 Tooled up stag position. 6972 2 Rifles parade in Croydon GMG Dutch troops biting dust in Uruzgan Province Afghanistan Men of 2 Rifles march through Croydon Grenadier Guardsman James Major Vector 7662 Nad E Ali 2011 Christmas day 2007, Camp Bastion. 7610 3 Flags at FOB Price
  1. Chuffit, CavalryCaptain and naguere like this.
  2. Kaye
    Great one, mate! That's A (Kings') company of 11 Grenadier & Ranger Guards Bn of the 11th Air Assault Bde. when they were the NATO strategic reserve in Southern Afghanistan. Royal Netherlands Army, off course...
  3. showman00
    one of the best pics I have ever seen,
  4. scotlass
    outstanding pic.
  5. monster149
  6. Busta-Gut
    One of the best pictures I have seen. Great composition, great colour.