Dusty Warriors

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Booties on Op Telic 1 op telic Shaibah on day 3 pre pizza hut etc B Sqn QRL On Patrol Party at the palace The Great Wall of Shaibah Public order training So this is what a minefield looks like Dusty Warriors Check out the eyes! Who the fcuk said she could drive! 3690 ACU in the street 4173 4217 What the F***? B Sqn QRL On Patrol
  1. Fang_Farrier
    Is it as good as Tommy and Redcoat?
  2. Take2
    is this a true account? who does it follow?
  3. brewmeister
    It's not out til 3rd April, but you can pre-order on Amazon - £12.00
  4. uncle_ho
    Richard Holmes is a top bloke
  5. gibbo94
    great book, tom humour tinged with tradegy