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stealth, custom 25/06 rem700 and mutt.
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stealth, custom 25/06 rem700 and mutt.
  1. DrStealth
    Rhodesian, i had to put the 'ol fella down just before x-mas, still, 18 YRs and 4 Mts is a good age for a dog, i miss him badly thought,
    reni, only when i'v been polishing my hammer.
    Sorry to hear that,One of mine died in October aged 14 and a bit only 2 left now
  3. Mongo
    Nice looking rifle.. Wherebouts was this taken?
  4. DrStealth
    wallaby hunting in NZ. the rifles one of my own custom jobs.
  5. Str8Bloke
    What does Rhodie taste like?