Do i scare you?

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The score board at CIMIC Hse- 1 PWRR TELIC 4 collecting scrap outside Shaibah Ba,ath hq 3750 Sgtforce101 A quiet day out in the Desert Main gate at Abu Naji Do i scare you? 57 Bty Lines, AZP, Telic 3 Can you see us? 101 uses for a Snatch Wagon: Telic II Going home Another bone AO patrol around BAS! Busy as usual Iraq Posting Centaur
  1. Taffnp
    Does it work on Roadside bombs ?
  2. polar69
    WTF is a "Solider" ?
  3. Auld-Yin
    Which side was painted? Is he trying to do a Michael Jackson :roll: