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  2. repoman
    What a ******* hero you are, couldn't fight back could it?? Obviously another " would be if he had the brains to be" Tosser!
  3. No.4 Mk.1
    No.4 Mk.1
    I liked it because he's prepared it for eating. No problem with hunting for food - it's a damned sight more human that buying a vacuum packed slab of meat of the neon lite supermarket chilled isle...
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  4. ugly
    Demonstrating the hanging gralloch, the pluck was left for the birds,the meat was all used including the offal and the hide was tanned. All in all a good use of a cull doe! The damage a herd of fallow cause to woodland if not managed is really serious and can put small woodland owners out of business!
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  5. chickenwing
    shit bro here in new zealand its cheaper to go in the bush an get dinner than the supermarket, an tastes better!!
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