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Derryard 89

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C Company 1 Staffords Mullhouse Camp Lower Falls 1976 Belfast 1974 Northern Ireland 1974 2LI Forkhill 82 GCHQ Macrory Pk Blast wall 1983 2LI Forkhill 82 Derryard 89 Belfast 1974 Ass/pnrs 2LI 82 Londonderry - Bogside Gasworks Anti-Tank plt 2LI Ballykinler 77 Londonderry - Bogside Gasworks Gate sentry Turtle armour Macrory Pk May-June 83
  1. tattybadger
    Brings back sweet memories ....... :D
  2. Tommo5050
    Aye, this PVCP was attacked with RPG's and a Flamethrower 6 months after this was taken.