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Der Hund & 2 Queens-1980ish

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JLRRE WAY back in the mists of time 6149 Alert as always! Brew 6809 Dale the Snail in the nude Der Hund & 2 Queens-1980ish Mike Troop 238 (London) Sig Sqn June 1992 746 Bisley at it's best! Norway clarence boddiker 1229 Ouston, May 1994, aviation support to 201 Gen Hospital TA 1374
  1. Poppy
    Is that Stumpy taking his rightful place at the front?
  2. Ozgerbobble
    who's the shifty looking sex pest in the leather jacket?:)
  3. tebagagap
    look 4 along to the right of said sex pest, a rupert, its Fred West!
  4. Auld_Sapper
    Sex pest is the Int Sgt in his 'I'm a civvy really' outfit
  5. Mighty_Blighty
    Nice to see the stump front and centre, some very ropey haircuts there though A_S