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dale in the company of Richmonds finest!

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The Usual Suspects THE Salisbury ARRSE!!!!!!!! New pants and carrott Embra 05 2406 First Man Down........... Post Crawl Dump, TR trail...... dale in the company of Richmonds finest! Embra 05 ARRSE on parade IdleA attempting to hump poppy fully clothed through a sleeping bag. Embra 05 Ubique ya bass IdleA after being caught trying to hump poppy. Pte Jessica Lynch's Wrecker Embra 05
  1. Sluice_dweller
    You lying tart, oh no he gave his pants willingly- although i'm sure you stole that old gezzers heart!!
  2. Dale the snail
    Dale the snail
    He was begging for it.......
  3. The-Hog
    Just thank god the flash didnt go off!
  4. Dale the snail
    Dale the snail
    Piggy - I have photos of you. Shut it...... :roll:
  5. Door_Bundle_Mk2
    Oh look - 3 pigs.