cool search dog

AES dog chillin
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AES dog chillin
  1. sandmanfez
    Did you gouge his eyes out with a spoon, in a moment of drunken high spirits?
  2. Oracle
    The dog obviously has a b*stard of a hangover. To cure it does he have a hair of the human?
  3. datumhead
    it's a hundred and five miles to Basra. we've got a full tank of diesel, half-pack of doggie chews and we're wearing sunglasses. Everybody neeeeds sommmmbody..........
  4. tommy_cooker
    haha nice one pic and the caption made me chucle :lol:
  5. BRMoore
    "this is how we roll when we dont chase our tails FOOLS, cant touch this....cant touch this...."