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Contact wait out..

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0098 Pte Owusu Bluey Vimmy Ridge More Vogelsang 1991 Airborne Forces Day Baghdad, Iraq 2005 Churchill was here Civ/Mil crossover Contact wait out.. memorial Crusaders oops 1965 in Aden. Middle East kit of the 60s. 6834 Finding on old comrade We Will Remember Them Hesh
  1. gallowglass
    Isn't this a Terence Cuneo painting taken from one of the Marshall Cavendish issues of 'The Falklands War'?
  2. polar69
    Good picture isn't it, really captures the atmosphere of the time
  3. beufighter
    R.Sigs operator piccy, more on the R.Sigs MOD site. Certa Cito! 8)
  4. the_crimp_off
    R. Sigs, then badged SAS.