Complete Pioneer Otterburn

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VC-10 inflight refuelling over Iraq Mount Kent, Falkland Islands CH MBT 2259 Support Our Troops ! 2534 Now THIS is a big Bang Complete Pioneer Otterburn gun salute for queens b-day my baby 201 Bty 100 reg Christmas is Cancelled - Santa on Ops 4909 Bastion Mar '06 This used to be me, long time ago 16th/5th Lancers on East German border
    Excellent pic
  2. Gun_Doc
    good ear defenders on the range safety :lol:
  3. Cider_Glider
    I thought these things were initiated by Mobile phone...well thats what Soldier Mag said!!
  4. ridders
    better be good as i took the picture in may 2oo2 :lol:
  5. albertturner
    bluffer - I know the bloke who took this, he was my boss, now out making a mint taking photographs :roll: