collecting scrap outside Shaibah

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I Don't care how you do it, just get that plane started!!! Merlin during flight The On Stag Armoured Engineers up the front as npo 931 The score board at CIMIC Hse- 1 PWRR TELIC 4 collecting scrap outside Shaibah Ba,ath hq 3750 Sgtforce101 A quiet day out in the Desert Main gate at Abu Naji Do i scare you? 57 Bty Lines, AZP, Telic 3 Can you see us?
  1. Oracle
    I hoped the RMP pulled him over for drinking and driving. :D
  2. Bad_Crow
    Either that or shot him for being a thieving Choggi fcukwit!!! Thats the only bloke ive ever met who has nicked off scousers!