Collapsed wheel station

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  1. out@last
    Still funny as......seeing a Reccy Mech being recovered :D Excuse the ignorance, but what's an HET tractor? CVR(T) were the dogs for the Kielder bogs.
  2. spaz
    Replacement for the Scammel Commander, you can see the back of one towing a Mastiff, in the pic titled "Sinking feeling".
  3. BarkingSpider
    Thanks for this set of pictures spaz, gives a lowly old civvie cnut an idea of what it's like out there.
  4. out@last
    Thanks looks a bit of a beast. By the way, do Reccy Mechs crate each other :wink:
  5. smudge5611
    The ones i still know def crate each other, great pic!