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Catwalk ripped off.Happy Days.
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DCC- Shrivenham DCC- Shrivenham DCC- Shrivenham dcc5 dcc6 Defence Capability Centre - Defence Academy Shrivenham Ooops. Cold,wet,happy? Oh,that ditch you mentioned..... Self People's Cav. meet Real Cav. Skins Q Sannas Post VC Battery 5th Regt RA Ode to the FV432 Oman Oman
Catwalk ripped off.Happy Days.
  1. brownhat
    Really like the faces on this pic.Lot of character.No,I wasn't there,different squadron.
  2. Double_Duck
    Good to see some nice "Tankie" berets going on there..
  3. cent05zr70
    Bonnie B. Got Mick, Andy, Pat, Des, Who's in the background? Mick H ?
  4. brownhat
    No knowledge,Matty B will probably know.