Clean-be seen and die

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Q Sannas Post VC Battery 5th Regt RA Q Sannas Post VC Battery 5th Regt RA Taukkyan cemetery Ex Ramasoon 1967 Thailand Voglezang Camp from across the range lake 1967 Rorkes Drift - British Memorial D.D.R. Logo Clean-be seen and die 4445 5043 RAOC..BARKER BKS 83 colonel CHARDS grave Tyne Cot - A Soldier of the Great War Jee Troop RAMC 1983 7527 Queen's Birthday parade, Hong Kong, 1967
  1. leveller
    I'm not an expert here, but wont that bolt in the end bit of the gun thing, will stop the pointy hurting stuff from leaving the round tubey thing? :?
  2. counterstrike
    You mean the BLANKY FIRING ATTACHMENTY perchance? 8O
  3. PassingBells
    Is that a tin helmet under all that cam?
  4. jonny3979
    Thank the Big One that the Soviets never came over the hill, is all I can say! :)
  5. 19hole
    arnt they soooooooooooo clean :banned: