Christmas day 2007, Camp Bastion.

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GMG Dutch troops biting dust in Uruzgan Province Afghanistan Men of 2 Rifles march through Croydon Grenadier Guardsman James Major Vector 7662 Nad E Ali 2011 Christmas day 2007, Camp Bastion. 7610 3 Flags at FOB Price ANP nice and toasty Somewhere over the AO VCP 7135 Sinking feeling A change of gun for a day.
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  2. Cutaway
    What helis are they then ?
  3. Goatman
    If it's a wah I'm in - Apache, Chinook, Sea king, Lynx?
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  4. XkazX
    great pic
  5. ChristopherRobin
    I was there. thanks for posting. This was the only good thing that the Crab boss of JHF(A) organised. Apart from being out of theatre when we did our 'finest hour' op of that tour - as Bad CO will probably agree with!