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Chesterfield May 27 2006

This man tried to kill each and every one of us, heart attacks on a grill...... b*stard!
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blessed baby cakes
This man tried to kill each and every one of us, heart attacks on a grill...... b*stard!
  1. Dale the snail
    Dale the snail
    Eddie, did you have fun at the crawl? Oh no - thats right, you didn't bother your arrse to turn up. Shut it - muppet.
  2. Rincewind
    Eddie - i am in civ div now - no one cares how fast i run or how far - infact i bought a car so i dont have too. i can shoot well, navigate across the peak district and cook for 50+ - what can you do?
  3. StabTiffy2B
    Cook for the over fifties? Surely that just means putting stuff into a liquidiser. Hardly difficult.
  4. blessed baby cakes
    blessed baby cakes
    Rince and Dale, Eddie is a fully qualified Fuckwitologist; he has a Degree from the university of Fuckwittingdom and practices Fuckwittage from his bed sit. He used to be a cunnylinguist, but found it difficult to talk with his mouth full of his mothers cunnylingua due to the sh*t in his ears which made his nose bleed. The steam this little ditty will hopefully be producing now clears his ears. :D Beebs x
  5. natotattie
    I take it the chef enjoys his own cooking? :D You fat bastard, you fat bastard!!