Cherrypinks pups

Tikaani at 8 months
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Tikaani at 8 months
  1. Cherrypink
    Not far off it DD, that is in fact the remnents of my garden :roll: 2 Sibes and 2 very large GSD's have the full use of it. Only time i venture out there is to poo pick or to stop a full sacle war over who gets the squeeky ball. I did however once find an old oven, a crowbar and a little urn of ashes, if Cuts or MDN would like to offer an explanation, im all ears!!! 8O :D
  2. Gunny Highway
    Gunny Highway
    How much do you want for the urn containing ashes?
  3. Cherrypink
    They are free to a good home..would you be interested in a what looks like a thigh bone too?. Im guessing the body was too big to fit the rest in the oven so they buried the other bits!. Sadly im not joking!, my house was built in 1806 and it would seem that part of my garden belonged to a cemetery. They are currently digging up bones under the fish shop at the harbour as we speak. All very Poltergiest if you ask me!. 8O
  4. Door_Bundle_Mk2
    We dont give a **** about your gipping dogs. Drown 'em you boring ****. Then fcuk off.
  5. Armoured-fish
    Hey "Door" if you don't give a f**K, WHY are you looking at them and spending time posting comments????