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1707 1890 new bar Choose Chav............. KATE MOSS ADVERTISING xmas cheer 2447 Chav_Twat United shirt sponsorship deal 2662 New Glasgow Rangers Press Officer Up the Bhoys Praise the Lord and pass the Monkey some ammo This might solve the problems... The Shrine Leaving a gift for Santa
  1. TheLordFlasheart
    Photoshopped? Why photoshop yourself to look like a complete twat with a plastic gun?
  2. fruitbat119
    Chavs .. don't you just want to slap them :x
  3. still21inmymind
  4. Santa_Sunday
    Why is that daft qunt on the left wearing 2 hats at once....?? That's right...!! TWO...What a phucking belter....!!
  5. Taffnp
    I thought this site was supposed to be military related, not a place where retards displayed their pics