Chav merc

Is it me or is this a waste of a good car?
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Is it me or is this a waste of a good car?
  1. Sluice_dweller
    My thoughts exactlly!
  2. pomps
  3. Baron Von Reichs Pudding
    Baron Von Reichs Pudding
    Waste of a good car? No. Just a waste of a boxhead taxi
  4. boney_m
    If theres one thing worse than a chav, its a chav with a few quid who can afford to ruin a perfectly good Merc. Its horrid, and whoever owns it should be ashamed of themselves :twisted:
  5. smudge_re
    Unless there's 2 of these about i'm fairly certain it belongs to a suspicious looking albanian character. cough Mafia cough