Canadians with SA80?

Anybodu know why these Cannucks have SA80 ies?
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Anybodu know why these Cannucks have SA80 ies?
  1. LBdr_Pigshagger
    They're probably not Cannucks at all, but Brits using Cannuck uniforms nicked from BATUS to play OPFOR on exercise?
  2. semper
    i have seen this image , its the Canadian Cadets on exchange with the ACF
  3. dwill
    No semper, ACF don't have BFA's or SUSAT on the rifle.
  4. dwill
    Where will we wash our hands now?
  5. stoatman
    dwill - my impression was that they were cadets - if visiting a unit for some fun, they will often be given L85s not L92s