C Coy, 3 PARA in Zumbeley contact.

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7515 I think that's the way home! mastifs all in a line Waiting for the chopper Stand Down 7365 Herrick 7 CLP C Coy, 3 PARA in Zumbeley contact. WMIK patrol in Nowzad Securing the HLS Between Gereshk and FOB Rob 3 PARA sniper Troops going into outskirts of Musaqula Mud pies Incoming tracer from DHSKer. Members of 3 Para mortars in kajaki
  1. Gun_Doc
    Brilliant pics, you should enter this one in the Army photo competition
  2. Fallschirmjager
    This pic (and some of the others) was taken by a Times photographer who was on the ground with us.
  3. Gun_Doc
    Still great, thanks for listing
  4. smudge5611
    Read the report by the journo with you.Only saw it once and not widespread.Good coverage of the contact by a civvie.Keep safe.
  5. jacket2
    top pic 3para writes history again wankdurch :wink: