British Military cut backs reach rock bottom................

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  1. sandmanfez
    You have a disturbing obsession with male nudity. Do you lust after rugby players and the smooth thighs of young boys?
  2. The-Daddy
    no wonder the rag heads don't understand us!
  3. crabby
    Your front left pouch is undone, your boots are undone and get two hands on that weapon... Have you spoken to someone proffesionally about your problems with taking photos of male nudity? It may be damaging to your health
  4. bullfrog69
    1st of all let me restore confidence in all that I am not a Bowel Banger, 2nd I don’t have tendencies to rattle anyone up the Marmite Funnel. Pic’s come from an old Shinny ARRSE who down loaded images from individuals camera's.
  5. saxplayer
    i served with this fine soldier, never saw him this smartly dressed though