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British Heavy gun at Anzac Cove 1915

Can anyone ID this gun for me? This is the gun my Great-Grandfather crewed in Gallipoli. He...
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Can anyone ID this gun for me? This is the gun my Great-Grandfather crewed in Gallipoli. He describes it (before the august assault at Lone Pine), as the only heavy gun behind the Anzacs - by august 20/25 of his men were aussies due to casaulties, but it was originally Royal Garrision Artillery, possibly 5 coy. Am I right that it's a 6 inch howitzer?
  1. crabby
    Apparently it's a 6" 30cwt for anyone who was interested...
  2. smudge5611
    Always interested in historical matters.It is how we learn. :)
    Howitzers are distinguished from other types of cannon artillery by their trajectory in that they tend to fire at high angles and deliver plunging fire. In addition to this, the barrel of a howitzer is commonly below 30 calibers (the length of the barrel is less than 30 times as long as the diameter of the bore), whereas other cannon and field guns tend to fire at no more than 45° and have a caliber of 30 or over. I cant ID this Gun sorry as the trail is out of view, its most likely BL 6" 30cwt