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bring it on !

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770 Moi 1150 S30B 1312 medman meets goofy 1859 bring it on ! me me in the middle 2712 HTiger Me (Yes, I'm prepared for the worst. My son is a bad-ass blackwater mercenary! And my husband was Le Son of Lash op telic 1 British Fem or Spanish Marine with hairy armpits? Well would you? Me & Warrior IFV
  1. The-Hog
    Fine regt fine blokes RIP the guy in front.
  2. Proximo
    What is the point of this pic? Was its poster claiming it as his own? Cnut.
  3. Bravo_Bravo
    Fcuking poor tasete. Nuke it, Mods. RIP fellah :evil:
  4. Porridge_gun
    Buckshee Pullthrough, Sugarfree_gum and Trojan all post from the same IP... similalrly so do Uncle_Ho, Zemla, Hiaphongharry and countless others...... Tool with a track history of arguing with himself in the gallery
    i smell STAB walt