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Up the Bhoys Praise the Lord and pass the Monkey some ammo This might solve the problems... The Shrine Leaving a gift for Santa 3479 Fast Food S African Style - mmmmm - Yummy! BREAMORE UNDER SEIGE Why play tennis with it? 3685 New Apple Jaffa Cakes 3967 Even more irwin this one will realy get the comments comin in 4410 Lucky!
  1. PassingBells
    You call that low flying? (NIMBY 8) )
  2. thebutlerdidit
    all you need now is a bit of Wagner "Ride of the Valkries"! (or is it Walkries rickshaw!)
  3. rickshaw
    If the answer is 9W, what was the question? Simple - "Herr Wagner, do you spell your name mit a V?"