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cannon fodder
Big it up for the chav geezer init!
  1. small-soldier
    and he actually wanted his picture taken.... shudda been drowned at birth! :evil:
  2. lash
    I get cnuts like this all the time when I'm working. revving their tiny 1litre engine nova/corsa/metro/clio at the traffic lights before I take off leaving their jaws on the ground as they get left behind by a 20 yr old bus. KILL HIM NOW!!! :evil:
  3. Paracommando
    You ******* stinking civvi maggot. Your parents should be ashamed :evil:
  4. still21inmymind
    In your own time, five rounds, carry on
  5. Taffnp
    Probably find the index plate is cloned or no tax and insurance