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bit low Fill here up. More of Singapore National Day Parade fly-past Paragliding in Cyprus - my latest venture Red Arrows Red Arrows Legs Spread for the camera! Arctic Mission Arctic C-130 Para insertion Parachuting 2 Para insertion 2 Market Garden remembrance jump at Ginkel heath near Arnhem sept 2004 Market  Garden Remembrance jump Ginkel heath near Arnhem 2004 Market Garden remembrance jump Ginkel heath near Arnhem 2004 My collage F-14 over Iraq
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  2. jonwilly
    Thumrait, Oman. Belive a Hunter went lower
  3. Ozgerbobble
    Same pilot that hit the lampost in Cyprus then?
  4. Goatman
    Anybody got the shot of a Buccaneer pilot snapped flying under a power line on Red Flag ? Apparentely you can see he is holding a sandwich in his free hand.... :wink:
  5. showman00
    Not only did they nick the Fcuking wheels but some T*** came back for the bricks as well
  6. shef64
    A Jaguar that thinks it's an XJS........