Bigbird and Hotspur flattening Wiltshire

Just to prove i did it!
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Just to prove i did it!
  1. Goatman
    bloody hell B-B - well done :soldier: I notice 'old sweat' Hotspur is looking down....'cos he has seen an airplane going away from him at 160 feet per second before !
  2. duckula
    Is that airbumming? How come it looks like you're wearing a water polo cap and he's wearing that slick looking helmet? Thats a lovely open mouthed expression of serene calmness you've got there. Well done.
  3. bigbird67
    The helmet is the highest fashion I'll have you know, and the expression is me TRYING to get some air into my lungs......and failing mostly!! Feck it was cold!!!
  4. Stanley1975
    Well done BB! Rather you than me! Hope you enjoyed it as well :D
  5. bigbird67
    It was amazing Stan....i can highly recommend it!!!