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behind the name the person

the one behind the name
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Oh to sit and think 1400 Its Dunny goo goo us lookin fit! lol 4846 Me..... Yes, I know the sunnies are not ASOD ok!! behind the name the person Canada's awsome... :S 5711 6013 10 6756 Moi Training exercise last year img 0005
the one behind the name
  1. Cuddles
    Wibble! How charming, do you mind if I p1ss in the fire my dear? :wink:
  2. Azrael2006
    Oh Boy!! someone tie a rope around me... Im going in!!! :p
  3. titch
    do you ****??
  4. bodie
    i would smash that right up. nice tits... BTW
  5. Idontgetit
    Oh I can read the comment now; after you edited your truely mong spelling and grammar. It made fcuk all sense before but now you're vainly trying to defend yourself for being pig ugly. My missus is perfectly happy for me to slip her my length as often as I like and she's fecking gorgeous - so despite my merely average willy length I believe in the mantra of "it's who you do with it" rather than "how big it is"....Hook, line and sinker :D