Bear Behind!

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2401 At least it wasnt pink! Hmm..whats this OTC thing all about...didn't have it in my day!! My day out with Abacus! 7183 Slingsby exercises his map reading skills! 7184 Slingsby & Cait have a moment! 6618 7185 Heavens opened on Pen Y Fan 7186 Bear Behind! Cait & Slingsby on top of Pen Y Fan Sgt Slingsby - just collected at Edinburgh Airport and being taken to the Kilt Shop Sgt Slingsby at ARRSE HQ (Wilts)
  1. thefandancer
    i can not work it out is that a chicks arse
  2. Mighty_doh_nut
    I can confirm 100% that that is not Caits arse.... hers is rounder, bronzer and her trumps smell of roses...... After all I have tongued it :D
  3. thefandancer
    i have just been looking at this sgt slingsby album i hope for god queen and country that any one in the army could do such crap as to take a teddy bear with them when go for a walk with a sexy blond like Cait and if he is what a wanaker
    Shouldve made the bear walk, hes got 4 legs.
  5. gallowglass
    Holy Mother of God! That poor teddy's arse is on back to front!, wait.....