Battle Bus

TSG Bosnia'96
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B Coy 2LI CQMS stores Brick Factory Kiseljak November 1995 Signal Platoon 2LI, the Anvil January 1996 2LI, Paderborn, September 1995 Cookhouse Brick Factory Kiseljak November 1995 Mortar Section, A Coy 2LI, entering the Brick Factory, Kiseljak, November 1995 Royal Artillery Radar at the Serb Lisina Radar Complex April 1996 Signal Platoon 2LI Rebro resupply run Mount Lisina February 1996 Battle Bus VITEZ WINTER 1992 Op Resolute 1996 Warriors and woodcutters. 2LI, Mount Lisina, February 1996 Kosovo 2001 Kupres '96 Noisy Tonka toy for grown ups Mirsad Damirovic Canadian Army Rebro, IFOR,  February 1996
TSG Bosnia'96
  1. FiveAlpha
    Fcuk me, that brings back memories.
  2. Gren
    That is deffo TSG, just before you turned up to go to the shitehole tented camp, Ive got a piccy of the very same veh somewhere.
  3. Crunchie
    Wonder if this was the same one that was there in 93-94, used to be parked where the LD's and the mobile laundry used to be.
  4. showman00
    Buried inside every Balkan Battlebus is a Lada waiting to get out
  5. spaz
    It was covered in unit stickers when I saw it, I drove back up there 2 years ago whilst on holiday, they have shifted that fecked tank from Kupres plain now.