Bambi Burger again!

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A youthful Take That RSM TRF 552 585 659 812 844 Bambi Burger again! Goatman's last go Labuan me hammycheesyeggy Sexy? good old days Still living in the 80s me chillin oot!
  1. RHQ Rug-rat
    RHQ Rug-rat
    Wow do you feel like a real man now...... if you do let me now I can reccommend Anthilip - he's very young and tight
  2. thefandancer
    god you are hard
  3. hogspawn
    Go on! Wrestle with it!
  4. Mighty_doh_nut
    What will you charge me to let me make love to it?
  5. sheepsteeth
    Nice one tube! Wot next, off to pick on someone smaller than you? You must be hung like a hamster!!