Ballygawley RUC station, 1987.

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94 Bus Ballygawley RUC station, 1987. ADU NI Belfast 1973 UDR recruitment leaflet Delta tower, 1986 PVCP 1988 C Company 1 Staffords Mullhouse Camp Lower Falls 1976 Belfast 1974 Northern Ireland 1974 2LI Forkhill 82 GCHQ Macrory Pk Blast wall 1983 2LI Forkhill 82 Derryard 89 Belfast 1974
  1. skitz
    two bricks from 'H' troop 42 Bty, 22ad Regt RA
  2. pull2eject
    I joined 22 a year later ... dont recognise any of em. :?
  3. skitz
    3 of the lads were attached from 10bty, 2 REME. I'm top right and left in '90, the others were still in then.
  4. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    youre top right AND left!! how did you manage that?
  5. Samo_Rgbw
    Thr chap front row in the middle thinks the Cameras 5.56 kodak Special