B Sqn QRL On Patrol

B Sqn QRL On Patrol  Oct - Dec 06, Maysaan Province
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Welcome home Get on the tank ? We thought you said Get on and have a **** !! 32 FEET!!!!! Home's that way 4223 Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.... Basrah International Airport B Sqn QRL On Patrol 4890 Is that an MPGS Capbadge ob egypt after entering basra OUCH! pim0029 I Don't care how you do it, just get that plane started!!! Merlin during flight The
B Sqn QRL On Patrol Oct - Dec 06, Maysaan Province
  1. threaders_vm
    For "trainers" read "switched on". Unlike his admin case pair of muckers with their BCH.
  2. Tartan_Terrier
    I think they're Altberg desert boots.
  3. BlackBirdbaz
    Thats all I have for now, lads been home and gone back now till may sometime, i will upload more when he sends me a memory card from his camera, sorry I havent been posting on her much.
  4. wez155
    Your mate on the left needs to be taken through LMG lesson 4 - Cleaning and Maintenance of the Gun.
  5. orangesoldiersoldier
    he looks off his face hees bin gathering poppies aint he druggie fool