B Sqn QRL On Patrol

B Sqn QRL On Patrol  Oct - Dec 06, Maysaan Province
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B Sqn QRL On Patrol Oct - Dec 06, Maysaan Province
  1. Mighty_doh_nut
    You must have had achne as a teenager, your face looks like a series of canyons and valleys, not in a windswept way either, your head is too long and thin and your nose looks like something Franz Muller could set a record on..... your eyes are slitty too
  2. Cait
    Do your Oppos take cover in those face crators??
  3. BlackBirdbaz
    Cait, I dare say his Oppos watch his back, what would you prefer they did ?
  4. Porridge_gun
    Buy him some clearasil
  5. Cutaway
    A soldering iron would help him smooth those craters over.