Atko & Smuge after a long and dusty day

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1270 Gravelbelly, circa 1979 on the lash Ranger_kakaw 2808 1973..... Sponsored walk evidence Atko & Smuge after a long and dusty day Play Girl Phot Shot The fizzog behind the name 4550 Me and a Mucker on a FTX - isle of wight 2005 Cloggie and Kaye(who i'm happy to shay is my partner and alsho...) on exshercize with the krayshee s Pointy toes! A spot of Carp Fishing Caught it!
  1. Gonzo
    I love the way that blokes with wings always point their right shoulder into camera...
  2. Tels_Muppet
    nice to see even chods use PRRs :D
  3. bampot
    couple of ming the merciless's
  4. scaleybac
    Why does the guy with the belt fed minimi have a speed loader? Could undrstand if he had a mag fitted, i get the impression he borrowed the gun for the pic. And obviously not serving with the real para's, i heard those black adder style body armour things were binned for being too "Hattish". Good effort, Rupert and Rodney!
  5. Idontgetit
    Mean and Moody on the left-lush though. :wink: RinTinTin on the right...and what's with the Queen Liz I collars :?