At what point is it too far?

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Frog 'soldier' SRR capbadge for use during photocalls.. HUD 1685 a tadge wet Adams Fails see the fault with the new Northern Bank Note Chinese Army Glamour? At what point is it too far? looking for love 7596 Volunteer to clear the local wildlife required 1233 1686 2339 Special Hats Naked Mongo
  1. crabtastic
    When he's hanging off the other end like a bung.
  2. rickshaw
    Arguably the saddest contribution to what is, generally, a pretty sad collection!
  3. BashaBasher
    Id laugh if the thing suddently started shooting, You'd get your knob jammed in the recoil spring you feckin idiot.
  4. Bennett
    Ah PiggyWig you never stop being a grotty little monster!
  5. Mongoose
    Pidge you ******* scroat!