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As requested by Flowers and OB - Slate away!!

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6410 6598 le1 Yes thats his going out shirt...... Low Five Welly in downtown Da'nang,  get some, get some who am i? As requested by Flowers and OB - Slate away!! 2250 Party Hat 2732 Pull the trigger! polar69 marathon mile 17 3763 Hulme's Sexy Beast Tower of London
  1. Gunny Highway
    Gunny Highway
    Filbert, everytime I read the above, I wet myself laughing!
  2. hamster_man
    This gives me hope.............and I haven't got jaundice
  3. Ozgerbobble
    Its Johnny Vegas
  4. StabTiffy2B
    What's with the hair? Laurel and Hardy, anyone?
  5. jobsworth