ARRSE town tie

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ARRSE bow tie Pun VC arriving 4th July 2007 Wreath3 ARRSE ARRSE country tie ICSC(L)3 Publicity Red carpet welcome for Pun VC 4th July 2007 ARRSE town tie Pun VC being taken to the reception in his honour 5696 Pun VC arrival - 5 minutes and counting ARRSE SITE STICKERS Pun VC seated at reception Blue Team ARRSE STICKERS Test Card
  1. petnapper
    Tough guys don´t wear suits :lol: :(
  2. DozyBint
    Yes I did Pops, but I posted at 0315hrs & I was pished, so I'm just chuffed I wrote English! :D
  3. Poppy
    oh ok more than I could do
  4. petnapper
    :oops: :oops: SORRY!!!!!! :cry: :cry:
  5. bernoulli