ARRSE on parade

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New pants and carrott Embra 05 2406 First Man Down........... Post Crawl Dump, TR trail...... dale in the company of Richmonds finest! Embra 05 ARRSE on parade IdleA attempting to hump poppy fully clothed through a sleeping bag. Embra 05 Ubique ya bass IdleA after being caught trying to hump poppy. Pte Jessica Lynch's Wrecker Embra 05 Recce has a quick peak ... not too obvious .... Embra 05
  1. Trotsky
    thank god my unit were not patrolling T Square on saturday ( we were having a run in with other squaddies somewhere else!!) :twisted:
  2. Toonie
    9th from left... the arrse needs biting lolololol
  3. smudge2004
    I'm sure i recognise a few.....! (Marley JHQ - go on admit it!)
  4. noangel
    ooo i have found sumwhere too park me bike,lol :D
  5. The_Snail
    Smudge2004, what year are you talking?