Army School of Ammo Advanced IEDD No 2 s Course

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Proof positive Firing Line Now you dont see it . LI memorial ballygawley rd Scimitar 02 The Wild Bunch 1998 Outside the Globe Army School of Ammo Advanced IEDD No 2 s Course 5898 Article from The Angel Future Army Dress- Blackadder Style! pass out phot standards have well slipped .... Stuff East German Border Patrol 88 Ice sculpture luge for Signals wasn't me honest guv
  1. Taffnp
    Do you have their addresses too, or shall I take the trouble to find them myself. - Terry Taliban
  2. datumhead
    thanks...any chance of a copy terry? regards al queda
  3. Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine
    is the sailor on the right wearing the new issue super silky working dress trousers?
  4. tommy_cooker
    bottom left looks like wayne rooney :p
  5. Kaye
    What's this? The battalion's ventriloquists club?