Armed Forces Day 2009

Our little bit for Armed Forces Day 2009
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The Gunz of Dagenham Lighting Up- No Smoking ban does not apply in here! Copehill Down map A-5 Vigilante 4526 Me outside St.Kilda Medical Centre 1988 Armed Forces Day 2009 70 09re 1 Scots Assaye Elephant 2185 2410 201 bty 100reg Troop on parade Guard of Honour Soviet War Memorial Berlin
Our little bit for Armed Forces Day 2009
  1. CC_TA
    Would have been better if it wasn't upside down.
  2. Gremlin
    Errrmmmm CC_TA.....It Isn't!
  3. orangesoldiersoldier
    think its grate to show support to the boys in service good pic
  4. BarkingSpider
    Nice try on a wah CC_TA :D I double checked it first, wouldn't want to get that wrong! :D
  5. CC_TA
    That's it spider - spoil the fun! :)