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Are tankies good drivers?

Well,we can give you a quick rub down,
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Shorland Patrol Car 4966 Stompie M4 Sherman, Bayeaux, Normandy 16 Tp D Sqn 3 RTR.BATUS 1980's batus 1991 Part of a turret Are tankies good drivers? 4/7RDG Simfire Trials SPTA 1975 Rheinsalen Camp - Soltau - 1984 6112 Shah 1 Good Times Good Times Everything stops for 'Football Echo'. spot the recce mec
Well,we can give you a quick rub down,
  1. CunningLinguist
    did the tree get hit as well?
    Thats a job for Harry Maskers and some paint
  3. xmg79
    is that 42BA76? sorry