Ally Bloke

Tour 'Tasche and Bouffant'
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Marines visiting Fallujah 2005 2923 SCOTS GD LAD Garden 4222 A day in the life........ Notice Anything Whats Still Around? The old Admin building Ally Bloke B Sqn QRL On Patrol 4889 Telic8 havin a blaw in baghdaddy Desert patrol water replen 03 Crossing the border, arse twitch time Welcome home Get on the tank ? We thought you said Get on and have a **** !!
Tour 'Tasche and Bouffant'
  1. Ronnie8781
    A diet of salad for you my boy!!
  2. Mag_to_grid
  3. boney_m
    You look like Lt Col Dick Strawbridge, just finishing another round of scrap heap challenge and trying to work out how to get a water wheel to power his house lights. Granted he left you to hold the minime and strap a resie pouch to your leg
  4. 3milesniper
    Another shot from the korrimec heros selection
  5. superman96