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Alert as always!

Taking a break during det comds course 1990.
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Pitts Road 5266 WW on leave '83 home2006 031 vet wiva tash JLRRE WAY back in the mists of time 6149 Alert as always! Brew 6809 Dale the Snail in the nude Der Hund & 2 Queens-1980ish Mike Troop 238 (London) Sig Sqn June 1992 746 Bisley at it's best!
Taking a break during det comds course 1990.
  1. Bowser-Mong
    Why is he about to be kneecapped?
  2. sandmanfez
    Nice T-shirt Baxter, were you in a Village People tribute band?
  3. mamontgo
    No, but a bit concerned that you're zooming so closely! Tee shirt was standard issue, with a slight modification to stop that horrible chaffing from those "shirts KF" :D Oh, and I'm not Baxter. It's just his bergen doing a bit of scene stealing on my photo!
    Chaffing from a KF shirt?,yer big Jessie get a grip of yourself and sort your laces out
  5. brucewillis
    Wake up Baxter you lazy sod!