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Aldershot bridge broken 2

There is always one who spolis it
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Ba'th party HQ Stryker Major cuddles dying little Iraqi girl Foden with Cobra on back - Telic 1 MILAN on WMIK Umm Qasr 10K - stretcher party! GET SOME MORE 4313 Aldershot bridge broken 2 ied attack 2004 Sh***ers 5425 The Hotel 6245 stuff lying around 156 Rhodri Morgan MP - Shaibah March 1st 2005
There is always one who spolis it
  1. Pimms_oclock
    way, hey, up she rises...Nope, that a skimmers song. Maybe not the right one for this site
  2. Fuchs66
    Ha we took that crane on our Rigs on Telic 1 nearly sank us aswell :D
  3. Bisley_Bob
    Sappers are gonna be real happy about that one!